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  Promoting Stronger Business Ties Between Liberia
and Turkey

By: Nvasekie N. Konneh
20 November, 2011
One month after visiting the US as part of the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) which brings foreign nationals from all over the world to meet and confer with their professional counterparts in the US, Liberian businessman Fumba Trawally has made another business trip to Turkey as president of Concerned Liberian Business Association (COLINBO). While in Turkey from 24-30 October 2011, the Liberian business man met with the President of the Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists Confederation (TUSKON) Mr. Rizanur Meral who said that his country looks forward to establishing formal business and diplomatic ties with Liberia before the end of the year. Mr. Trawally was accompanied on the trip by Mr. Ramazan Burak, proprietor of the Turkish School in Liberia. At the meeting between the TUSKON executive which included its president Rizanur Meral and its African coordinator, Timur Tiğdemir, it was noted that the memorandum will launch the formal ties and working relations between the Liberian and Turkish Business entrepreneurs. Mr. Meral indicated that his organization was interested and ready to invest in Liberia as the country continues to progress from war to peace. He expressed the hope that they will have the opportunity to share their experiences with their Liberian counterparts in helping the rebuilding process of the war affected nation.

As part of their deliberation, he disclosed that a team of Turkish businessmen will visit Liberia later this year or early next year on an assessment mission. The team will be tasked to gather information on the business sectors and other areas TUSKON and by extension Turkey can play in helping to revitalize the Liberia economy.

TUSKON Boss, Mr. Rizanur Meral, used he occasion to extend appreciation to Liberia’s President and Nobel Laureate, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Mr. Mera praised the Liberian president, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for using her “ immense wealth of experience to remove Liberia from a pariah status to nation of burgeoning reputation in the International parlance.” Because of all that, according to Mr. Mera, and and his organization, TUSKON are encouraged to explore business opportunities in Liberia.

In response to his Turkish counterpart, the head of the Liberian business delegation, Mr. Trawally lauded the Turkish government and TUSKON for their generosity and hospitality accorded them on the trip. He added that Liberia looks forward to working with their Turkish counterparts the days, months and years ahead. The COLINBO boss also lauded President Sirleaf for her great stewardship of Liberia which has continued to boost the country’s economy progress. As a business man, Mr. Trawally has remained in Liberia through all the ups and down and said, “as Liberian business man, my desire is to see Liberia continue to make progress in economic development which will lead to more employment in the country.” As part of the continuation of forging business ties between Liberia and Turkey, Liberia’s Foreign Minister, Toga G. McCintosh will be among several foreign Ministers who will converge on Istanbul for bilateral meetings under the auspices of the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hon. Ahmet Davutoğlu. As a result of this business trip in Turkey, It has been noted that it will be a world of help for Liberian businesses if the Foreign Minister McCintosh Works with Mr. Trawally in setting up the agenda for the up-coming Foreign Ministers submit in Turkey.
Speaking to news men returning home, Mr. Trawally praised Mr. Burak of the Turkish school and F. Momolu Dorley for their roles in making the trip possible there by forging economic cooperation between Turkey and Liberia.

Mr. Trawally, Mr. Meral and Mr. Burak discuss formalising Turkish-Liberian business ties.









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