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  Analyzing Secretary, Lassana Bamba’s Comprehension Skill and Setting the Record Straight.  
By: Abraham Turay
30 November, 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen of Minnesota Mandingo Association, I greet you with peace, love, and unity restored in our community. Couple of days ago, I wrote an article recommending some possible changes in the current leadership due to what I termed ‘incompetent leadership skill’ on the part of the President. That article did not go down well with the President and his officials even though it was a mare recommendation for change in our community. The administration responded to my article with three articles written from the President’s camp. One was written by opinion leader Sekou Kenneh, one from Ishmael Komara, and one from Lassana Y. Bamba, general secretary of MMA. This article is not a rebuke of the President’s camp rather to make the community aware of the misinterpretation and accusation on my article from the president and his officials.

There is no doubt that the Dorley-led administration seems not only incompetent but also delusional with its own idea of reality. Not surprising why the strange leadership of President Dorley is operating on a borrowed time or should I say life support. This explains the failure of his surrogates to comprehend a common classification of the President’s leadership style. I was appalled by the Secretary’s analysis of the phrase “being popular only in hair braiding salons, but not so popular in bringing people together” mentioned in my article as being “looked down” on our hard working hair braiding women.

Let me be clear, the ladies in hair braiding salons are critically important fabric of MMA and deserve the utmost respect from the Secretary. The phrase, Mr. Secretary, is an assertion to classify the president’s placement and type of position that better suits his personality. In other word, the president can perform better as Public Relation Officer than as a president. This assessment is a result of an independent analysis based on President Dorley’s 18 months in office. I hope this clears up the general secretary’s doubts about the above phrase.

I am however, a humble and peace loving member of our community and insulting women is not part of my ethic and belief. I cannot and will not “look down” on hair braiders by any means because my wife works in a hair braiding salon; my sister owns a hair braiding salon, and many of my friends and family members are hair braiders. If this allegation was meant to tarnish my character among my people, I suggest the President and his officials formulate a better plan and next time please refrain from the use of profane languages and be polite because you are representing MMA as general secretary.

MMA was born as an organization that allows freedom of speech and since free speech is a right and not privilege, all members regardless of their status have the right to criticize constructively. You can criticize the president or any member of his officials for that matter regarding an unethical, unconstitutional, and/or divisive issue. You must suggest a possible solution to the issue. We should accommodate debates and fruitful arguments for the benefit of the community and discourage the use blasphemous languages on one another like the general secretary did. We need to promote unity by supporting people or leadership on policies that are significant in uplifting our community, but not poorly analyzing someone’s article with the intention of creating unrest in our community.

I will once again inform the public in general that the president and his officials deliberately misinterpreted the phrase “being popular in hair braiding salon, but not so popular in bringing people together” only for the purpose of tantalizing my character. Mr. Bamba will have to do better than that for the community to believe in his unsubstantiated assertion. I submit to you with peace, love, and unity that uphold in our community.

Written by: Abraham Turay
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