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MMA Inaugural Guest Speaker, Cllr. Mameita Jabateh Sirleaf Takes on Female Education: Reneging Support for Girls Education: An African Phenomenon
Courtesy: Bamba1 News
15 April, 2014
In most African countries, gathering support for female education is not as easy as seen on the surface.
Such support mostly collides with traditional beliefs that seem to intertwine with the desire for female education. Reneging support for educating girls is largely blamed on the lack of support from men who are considered heads of household. Most heads of household in Africa are deeply rooted in cultural beliefs that influence them to keep their girls children home and the mothers who serve as housewives, are depended upon as mentors. Read detail
Blind Liberian Mandingo refugee hit by car is in critical condition
Courtesy: Wood TV8
08 April, 2014



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  For Immediate Response against the Ebola Virus
Courtesy: Daily Observer
03 April, 2014

The Liberia National Red Cross Society, (LNRCS) has made an initial donation of 50 boxes of personal protective equipment and two plastic buckets to the Liberian Government to strengthen response to suspected cases of Ebola virus in the country. Read detail
  Legal exposition of the Liberian Constitutional Review
A Comparative analysis with the United States’ Constitution

By: Mory Duckry A Sumaworo,
25 March, 2014
Introduction: Constitution as an organic law of the state has to be well-designed, structured, and inclusive of the general needs for the public. While framing this sacred document or reviewing it, bias and prejudice need to be far distanced from the process. Accordingly, thanks and appreciations are extended to the Government for the concern about revisiting the nation’s constitution in order to meet the best international standard. However, having a sound, highly democratic, and humanistic constitution definitely yields for the nation everlasting peace and continuous prosperity in all aspects of life; social, economic, political, religious and cultural. That is to say, constitution is the seed of any other laws, regulations and executive orders that can be enforced within the country. Read detail
By: Former MMA President, Musa Kamara
23 March, 2014
The Minnesota Mandingo Association is blessed to have Kafumba Kromah as the President –elect. Mr. Kromah meets the definition of a leader. He has demonstrated to be a man of high esteem. Since our union in Minnesota, there is nothing one can point at that may resemble tainting his record. He has passed the text of our time. This is man who once contested but was... unfortunate. However, he went back to a drawing table and came back strong like a hurricane.
Moreover, what count in life is not how many times you have falling, but how many times you have bounce back and continue the fight? Read detail
  Gambia affirms intent to boost ties with KSA
Courtesy: Arab News
21 March, 2014

Gambia and Saudi Arabia reaffirmed their commitment to intensify relations in a strong bid to bolster bilateral ties when visiting Gambian President Yahya Abdulaziz Jammeh met Crown Prince Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense. Read detail
  Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee Slams
Oil ‘Experts’ Credibility

Courtesy: FPA
19 March, 2014

“Therefore, it raises serious questions to learn that NOCAL entrusted your grandnephew Mr. Estrada Bernard III, a South Anchorage High School student in the State of Alaska, USA, to make a presentation on the development of the National Oil and Gas Industry of Liberia, a country of three and a half million citizens.” - Leymah Gbowee, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner. Read detail
  Who Are The Lesbians In Gov’t?
Public Agenda
11 March, 2014
As gay practice is being imposed on African countries by western powers with threats to withhold donor supports, Liberia is yet to make its position known while the practice is reportedly strongly gaining momentum amongst sexually immoral people here, something moralists and religious leaders claim was a provocation of God’s wrath on the earth, although some say it was the sign of the end time.
Rich western counties are now focusing and shifting toward the African continent, looking to see countries that will either support or frown on the culture of gays’ right, although other countries on the continent have already taken a firm position not to accept such practice, which some say is foreign to the African cultural norms, and as well as the African moral religious principles are concerned. Read detail
  FELMAUSA Board Chairman Sekou Koutoubou Fofana Travels to Liberia
By: Isiaka Sidibay
06 March, 2014
The Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the USA, FeLMAUSA, Sekou Koutoubou Fofana, has travelled. He left the United States of America on March 4th for the homeland, Liberia. Chairman Fofana is expected to be away for few weeks up to a month. While away, and in consultation with members of the Board, Hon. Sekou Kenneh, the Board’s Co-Chairman, will lead the People`s Board. Sadly, Board Chairman Fofana’s travel is occasioned by the passing of his father, the late Chief Benyah Fofana. In a Board Meeting on March 2nd, Chairman Fofana informed members of the Board that he will remain in constant contact with FeLMAUSA especially the Federation’s Legislative Organ while out of the official seat of the single largest Liberian Diaspora Mandingo Organization. Read detail
  Footballer Shot, Killed in Island Clinic Home-LFA Condemns Murder of Prince Wleh
Courtesy: Daily Observer
04 March, 2014
One-year-old Sonell D. Wleh will not get to play with his father, Prince Toby Wleh. The 27-year-old footballer, who recently joined first division club, Gedi & Sons, was reportedly shot and killed last Friday night, according to his younger brother, William B. Wleh. The newly signed on player for Gedi & Sons died at the Redemption Hospital; the body was later transferred to the A. B. Anderson Funeral Home, according to family sources. “This is an unfortunate situation to befall a footballer,” said former NPA star player, Jonathan Armah Baxter, during an interview yesterday. “The whole community is affected by his murder.” The incident occurred near his mother’s residence in Island Clinic, Monrovia, by assailants that have not been identified. Read detail
  The Intellectual Forum of Philadelphia will host a panel discussion on “The Land of My Father's Birth” on March 8, 2014 in Philadelphia.
Courtesy: LIMANY
04 March, 2014

The program will be held at ACANA @ 5530 Chester Avenue, starting at 4:00 PM. The panelists are Theodor Hodge, a Liberian writer based in New Jersey, Richmond Mohammed Konneh, a career teacher teaching in Philadelphia school system, Charles Sunwabe, a lawyer based in Pittsburgh, Pa, Ray Toe, an anthropologist based in Philadelphia, and Mohammed Sherif, a Liberian writer based in Philadelphia. Read detail
  Congratulatory Message from former FELMAUSA President, Hon. Mohammed S. Bility
02 March, 2014
Hon. Kromah, my congratulations to you and your new crew of community stewards. Remember the past as your lessons to review and sort out the positives. One unified community is your challenge now. Be certain there will be distraction by people who can not afford to loose an enemy simply because their unwarranted notice will be affected in the community. Don't worry move on, the good people will finally win. Thanks, its MOHAMED S.BILITY
  MMA 2014 Elections Result Released by Chairman Musa Keita
02 March, 2014
If there is one thing that was clear last night, it’s that 2014 was a great year to chair the independent election commission of MMA. Across the Minnesota yesterday, we saw candidates moving up and down the ballot, and that was because our candidates spoke to MMA membership, advocating for the issues they care about and working toward common sense solutions to the issues we face as a Minnesotans. Read detail
  President Sirleaf Makes Appointments
Courtesy: Daily Observer
27 February, 2014

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appointed the following officials to positions in Government, pending confirmation hearing where applicable: Read detail
  A Congratulatory Message to the President Elect of the Minnesota Mandingo Association. Kafumba Kromah.
From Cllr. Mameita Jabateh Sirleaf
25 February, 2014
I would like to offer you my warmest congratulations on your election as President of the Minnesota Mandingo Association. You have received a clear and strong support from the Mandingo people at an important time when your service to the community is needed most. I am confident that you will preserve the strong commitment our people have reposed in you. I wish you, your government and the people of Minnesota every success in the years to come.
  MMA Elects 7th President-Kafumba Kromah
By: staff writer
23 February, 2014

A founding member and former vice president of the Minnesota Mandingo Association (MMA), Hon. Kafumba S. Kromah was elected yesterday, Saturday, February 22, 2014 as the seventh (7th) president of the Association. Mr. Kromah has been very critical of past administration, more critical on some than others ran on the platform to reform and/or change the direction of the 13 years community organization to that of a more service oriented one. Read detail
  Minnesota Mandingo Community Returns to Poll Tomorrow
By: Staff Writer
21 February, 2014
Kafumba Kromah-President-Candidate Janievre Kamara- Secretary-Candidate Lancine Diabate-Vice President-Candidate

It seems like yesterday when the Diaspora Mandingo community witnessed what some have described as the most interesting but yet furious campaign and the subsequently election of Mr. Mohammed Dolley as President of The Minnesota Mandingo Association(MMA). Amazingly, it’s been 2 years already and the next election following the debate/platform presentation by candidates on last Saturday slated for this Saturday, February 22, 2014 at last year’s election venue (The Conference Hall of The Organization of Liberians in Minnesota-OLM) in Brooklyn Park, MN.

This year’s candidates include Mr. Kafumba Samukai Kromah as President, Mr. Lancine as Diabate-Vice President and Mrs. Janvievre Code Kamara-as Secretary General.
Though the candidates are unopposed, the election commissioners plan on observing the full electoral formalities, thereby opening voting ballots on the above date at 8:00 A.M and closing at 8:00 P.M central

Please stay tuned!

  Gambian President says gay people are 'vermin' and should be tackled like malaria-causing mosquitoes
Courtesy: The Independent
21 February, 2014

Yahya Jammeh made the threats in a speech on state television to mark the 49th anniversary of The Gambia's independence from Britain on Tuesday. “We will fight these vermins called homosexuals or gays the same way we are fighting malaria-causing mosquitoes, if not more aggressively,” Jammeh said. Read detail

Former MMA President, Hon. Musa Kamara of Brooklyn Center, MN



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