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Liberia's US$104 Million Transition Plan for Life After UNMIL
Courtesy: FPA
12 April, 2015

Monrovia – The government of Liberia says it has adopted a plan for the transition of the departure of the United Nations Mission in the post-war nation. The implementation of the Plan has been set at US$104.848 million, much of which is expected to be mobilized by the Liberian government. Read detail
Position Statement by the Liberian Mandingo Legal Defense Fund Over The Arrest And Continuous Detention of Alieu Koisiah in Switzerland
03 April, 2015

The Liberian Mandingo Legal Defense Fund (LMLDF) has, with utter dismay and bewilderment, received news of the arrest and continuous detention of Mr. Alieu Koisiah, a Liberian citizen residing in Lausanne, Switzerland. LMLDF expresses grave indignation at Mr. Koisiah’s arrest and detention by the Swiss authorities as well as the conspicuous silence of the government of Liberia over the detention of one of its citizens in a foreign country. Read detail

By: Isiaka Sidibay(Secretary of BOD)
18 March, 2015

Wherein the National Board of Directors of Felmausa, as outlined by the Constitution of the Federation “Shall be the HIGHEST DECISION-MAKING BODY of FELMAUSA in the ABSENCE of the National Convention", and wherein the constitution empowers the National Board with the "Oversight responsibilities over the National Administration of the Federation; consistent with this provision and, our commitment to keep you informed on the state of affairs of our community as it relates to financial management of the Federation,
Read detail

Transit in Morocco, Journalist detained for Three Days
Courtesy: FPA
13 March, 2015
I left Liberia along with my 12 year old daughter with great excitement on the 26th of February. We were traveling to Texas to take part in the wedding of my dear friend. But tragically, thanks to careless (possibly racist) treatment by a number of people, we arrived 5 days later, long after the wedding was over.   The tickets were bought by my godmother in the US but neither she nor I were ever made aware of a new requirement that Liberians obtain a visa when transiting through the UK where our journey would take us. We were allowed to board the flight in Monrovia, unaware of the problems ahead. Read detail

 Alieu Kosiah is a Victim of the Liberian Civil War
By: Nvasekie Konneh
19 February, 2015

A US based Liberian lawyer, Cllr. Mameita Jabateh-Sirleaf has termed Alieu Kosiah, the former ULIMO commander currently detained in Switzerland as a "victim of the Liberian  civil  war." Though not yet privileged with the opportunity of knowing the specificity of the charges levied against Alieu Kosiah, a Liberian living in Switzerland for more than 10 years. Read detail

Aureus, Aminata Sign US$90m Deal
Courtesy: Daily Observer
10 February, 2015

Aureus Mining Company and Aminata and Sons, have entered into a US$90m (Ninety Million) contract for the supply of petroleum products to Aureus Mining New Liberty Gold Mining Project in Grand Cape Mount County. Read detail
‘Root Causes of Civil War Still Exist in Current Government’
Courtesy: Daily Observer
02 February, 2015

Liberian Business Association (LIBA) president, Dee Maxwell S. Kemayah is calling for a critical look at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) final report and recommendations, claiming that the root causes of the Liberian civil war still exist in government. Read detail

Africa's new breed of solar energy entrepreneurs
Courtey: BBC
29 January, 2015

African economies may be booming, but continued growth and quality of life are being jeopardised by lack of power. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates 585 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity, with the electrification rate as low as 14.2% in rural areas. Read detail

By: Musa Willie
25 January, 2015

As a parent, can you imagine witnessing your child bleed to death and the aftermath of such horrific experience? Rape is a crime that doesn't only affect the victim but also affects an entire generation. Read detail
Bye-Bye Senators: Defeated Lawmakers Bid
Farewell to Power

Courtesy: FPA
12 January, 2015

After nine unbroken years at the National Legislature, enjoying power, fat salaries and other incentives, thirteen departing Senators bid farewell to the Capitol as they make way for newcomers. Monrovia - In Liberia, unemployment is very high, business is slow and the private sector dormant with just fewer jobs available outside the public sector. Read detail
Gambia President Yahya Jammeh says
coup plot 'thwarted'

Courtesy: BBC
31 December, 2014

The president of The Gambia says he remains in charge of the West African state after his security forces thwarted an attempted coup. Yahya Jammeh said an ex-army commander tried to take control of the country while he was visiting France. His current whereabouts are unclear. Read detail

Cremation Abolished
courtesy: Daily Observer
30 December, 2014

The much frowned upon practice of cremating dead bodies in Liberia is now a thing of the past as the government has now abolished the act. In doing away with the highly unpopular incineration of the dead, the government has provided an alternative by establishing a new national cemetery for the purpose of burying Ebola victims and others. Read detail

 Documenting Our Liberian Experience
( The Launching of Prof. Dudu's book, Harrowing December)

By Nvasekie N. Konneh
24 December, 2014

Note: This is the edited and expanded version of the remark I made during the launching of Prof. Momo Dudu's book, "Harrowing December."
Our elders, fellow intellectuals, fellow Liberians, and members of our community, we are gathered here tonight to celebrate new day in our experience as Liberians, particularly from the community of Liberians who have either self-segregated or being marginalized for so long in their own country
Read detail
Who’s Buying Voter Cards? CDC, Sirleaf
Camp Trade Cheat Barbs

Courtesy: FPA
17 December, 2014

Claims and counter claims continue to pile up ahead of Saturdays’ Senatorial elections in Liberia. Already parties to the Montserrado County Senatorial race have started trading accusations and counteraccusations about possible attempts to cheat during the election. Read detail

Robert Sirleaf Exposed! -USA Voting Record Lay Bare-Would He Survive NEC’s Investigation
Courtesy: Public Agenda
17 December, 2014
It is not clear whether the National Elections Commission (NEC) is sincere in its threats not to compromise the violation of Liberia’s electoral laws, including those who are not eligible by constitutional provision to participate in elections in the country. Although the Public Agenda has no reason for now to disbelief the sincerity of the NEC under the Chairmanship of Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya, the Paper is closely following alleged ongoing investigation bordering Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf’s reported American Citizenship issue which has been a subject of debate until now. Read detail

Weah Backs ‘Miracle Man’ Debbah’s Appointment as Lone Star Coach
Courtesy: FPA
11 December, 2014

Football legend George Weah has backed the appointment of James Debbah and a host of former national team players. The Liberia Football Association (LFA) appointed Debbah as head coach, replacing Italy’s Roberto Landi, whom it dismissed in February 2012 after being in charge for less than a year with two wins in eight matches. Read detail

Nimba Tribal Politics Deepens-Senator Grupee Takes on ‘Mano Dominance’ in Government
Courtesy: Daily Obsever
03 December, 2014

A group of Nimba citizens who were rebuked for advocating for the division of their county after the 2011 election will now see reason to continue their activism as Senator Thomas S. Grupee leads the charge against “Mano dominance” in the county government. Read detail
Letter of recall and suspension of Mamadee Konneh aka Dadee
By: Manyou Bility
24 November, 2014

Dear President Trawally:
We bring you greetings from the people and leadership of the Wisconsin Mandingo Association of Milwaukee (WIMAM), and we are also using this same opportunity to congratulate your leadership and the Board for restoring the 501C3 status of our beloved organization, FELMAUSA. Read detail
UP A Traitor, Not Sylla, Withdrawn Candidate
Supporters Hit Back

Courtesy: FPA
14 November, 2014
Monrovia-Supporters of Ali Sylla has termed the Unity Party Youth Congress recent response as deceitful, cunning and double dealing. According to the Sylla’s supporters under the banner of Ali Sylla Political Actions Committee (ASPAC) Sylla is currently battling medical situations as opposed to the UP Youth congress claim that he is a sellout. The Chairman of the group Vallai Dorley said,the Unity Party is only interested in making political and cash gains at the expense of Sylla’s life. Read detail
Sins of the Court: Liberian Woman Judge Lenient on Sex Crimes
Courtesy: FPA
14 November, 2014

Rape is a non-bailable offence in post-war Liberia, but a FrontPageAfrica investigation has found that in the past few months, a number of high-profile cases involving foreign nationals have slipped under the radar, ironically, under the watch of a female judge at the Criminal Court E, Judge Cianeh Clinton-Johnson putting Liberia’s war against rape in serious trouble. Read detail
FELMAUSA Increases Support in Liberia’s Ebola Fight
Courtesy: FPA
09 November, 2014

For close to two weeks now, statistics regarding Ebola’s causalities remain down in Liberia, contrary to expert predictions that the number of cases reported may increase exponentially – of course if adequate steps were not taken to curtail its spread. Read detail
“We Prefer Burial, not Cremation”- Say
Traditional Leaders in Bong

Courtesy: Daily Observer
30 October, 2014

Traditional leaders in Bong County have denounced the cremation of Ebola dead on ground that it is conflicting to the cultural norms and traditional practices of the country. In an interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, the Chief Elder of Bong County Moses Suakollie said incinerating the lifeless does not demonstrate love for the dead. Read detail
Cheaper Electricity In Sight-Crude Storage
Terminal Complete by December

Courtesy: Daily Observer
20 October, 2014

The Conex Crude Storage Terminal (CST) project in collaboration with the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company ("LPRC") is expected to be completed in December this year, says Lutech, the contracting company hired to do the construction work for this project. Read detail
‘Regrettable Day’: Diamond Dealer, Wife,
Kids Perish in Fire

Courtesy: FPA
12 October, 2014

Monrovia – A diamond merchant, Amado O. Sow alias Babasow, life came to a crashing end in the early hours of Thursday morning when a massive fire ripped apart his Gurley Street home, killing everyone including his wife Aminata Toure, daughters Hajah Fanta Sow, Tayela Sow, sons Osman Sow Ishaka Sow, sister in law Massa Toure, and sister Amanita Sow. Read detail
Over Ebola Donations House Summons Ngafuan, Dukuly
Courtesy: Daily Observer
12 October, 2014

The House of Representatives has summoned Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan to provide them update on the number of donations coming to Liberia relative to the fight against Ebola. Read detail
FELMAUSA Board CO-Chairman, Hon. Sekou Kenneh(AKA-Opinion Leader) Speaks to a Local TV Station about EBOLA:
Courtesy: Associated Press
06 October, 2014

Liberian Who Took Ebola to U.S. Helped Transport Ebola Patient
Courtesy: FPA
02 October, 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Texas hoping to join his girlfriend, But when he began to show symptoms of the deadly Ebola Virus, it became clear that those plans would have to be on hold. Read detail
EU Condemns Stigmatization of Ebola
Affected Countries

Courtesy: Daily Observer
25 September, 2014

The European Union (EU) has taken exception to decisions by some African countries and others to stop their flights from entering and taking off from countries affected by Ebola. Besides the cancellation of flights, some African countries and others have suspended relations with Liberia and other West African Countries affected by Ebola. Read detail
Self resentment-Saddened for been a Mandingo man-Finance Minster Amara Konneh
By: Mohamed Kamara
18 September, 2014

Since my reaction to the speech delivered by Liberia’s Finance Minister Amara Konneh during celebrations marking our nation’s 166th Independence Day program in Minnesota, I have received several emails and comments on the FrontPage website in the letter to the editor column. Unsurprisingly, the comments were mixed, but most interestingly some presenting farfetched and misleading representation of my thought. They argue that I was preaching tribalism, an act that I detest to the core. Read detail
Eye-Witness To Ebola: How Public Denial Helped Spread of Disease In Liberia
By: Nvasekie N Konneh
Courtesy: BSN
18 September, 2014

As of this writing, the death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in Africa stands at over 2,000 with Liberia the hardest hit. Liberia's death tool is at 1,224 people and continues to climb. According to the latest figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus is more widespread in Liberia with confirmed cases in 14 of the 15 counties. Read detail


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